About Us

CINERAD COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED was incorporated in the year 1986 vide Company Incorporation No. L92100WB1986PLC218825 & engaged in to the production of advertising and promotional films, documentaries and feature films. The Company is one of the leading & well known name into documentary advertising films in the Mumbai.

Over the years a lot of changes have been seen in the advertising Industry and these changes have positively affected the players in the production of promotional feature films , Distributors and Exhibitors. Over the past couple of years the business of corporate advertisement film making had changed due to corporate , increasing production costs, spiraling actor fees and high acquisition costs for content.

The advertising industry is under tremendous changes over the years by reason of the same that advertisement through documentary feature films has become very important in people’s life. However there are various ways of advertising in form Films, Radio, Television, mobiles etc. advertising Industry is one of the fastest growing Industry and it will perhaps never decline and will always have an upward growth.

The company has also evolved with the times and significantly corporatized itself, bringing an experienced professional team for driving the future strategic direction of the company.

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