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Corporate Governance
Cinerad Communications Ltd ’s corporate governance philosophy is based on the principles of equity, fairness, transparency, spirit of law and honest communication. The Company believes that sound corporate governance is necessary to retain stakeholders’ trust and ensures efficient working and proper conduct of the business of the company with integrity. Development of Corporate Governance guidelines is a continuous process, which evolves over a period of time and undergoes changes to suit the changing times and needs of the business, society and the nation.

Code of Conduct
The code of conduct has been laid down by the Board with a view to promote good corporate governance and exemplary personal conduct. It is applicable to all directors and senior managerial personnel of the company. The Board of Directors has also approved a code of corporate disclosure practices for prevention of insider trading. As a part of its commitment to follow best practices and good corporate governance, CCL abides by rules and guidelines as laid down by the Security and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Conforming to these guidelines, and enthused by its own urge to be looked upon as a free, fair and trustworthy organisation.

a) Archival Policy Download!
b) Business ethics code for Board and Senior Management Download!
c) Code of Conduct of Board of Directors and Senior Management Personnal Download!
d) Compostion of various Committee Download!
e) Fair Disclosure Practice Download!
g) Familiarization Programme imparted to Independent Director. Download!
f) Insider Trading Download!
h) Policy on determination of Materiality of event  Download!
i) Policy on Related Party Transaction Download!
j) Terms and Conditions for appointment of Independent Directors Download!
k) Whistle Blower Policy Download!

Results for the quarter ended:-

Audited Financial Results 31.03.2023 Download!
Un-Audited Financial Results 31.12.2022 Download!
Un-Audited Financial Results 30.09.2022 Download!
Un-Audited Financial Results 30.06.2022 Download!
Audited Financial Results 31.03.2022 Download!
Un-Audited Financial Results 31.12.2021 Download!
Un-Audited Financial Results 30.09.2021 Download!
Un-Audited Financial Results 30.06.2021 Download!
Audited Financial Results 31.03.2021 Download!
Unaudited Financial Results 31.12.2020 Download!
Unaudited Financial Results 30.09.2020 Download!
Unaudited Financial Results 30.06.2020 Download!
Audited Financial Results 31.03.2020 Download!
Unaudited Financial Results 31.12.2019 Download!
Unaudited Financial Results 30.09.2019 Download!
Unaudited Financial Results 30.06.2019 Download!
Audited Financial Results 31.03.2019  Download!
Unaudited Financial Results 31.12.2018 Download!
Unaudited Financial Results 30.09.2018 Download!
Unaudited Financial Results 30.06.2018 Download!
Unaudited Financial Results 31.03.2018 Download!
Unaudited Financial Results 31.12.2017 Download!
Unaudited Financial Results 30.09.2017 Download!
Unaudited Financial Results 30.06.2017 Download!
Unaudited Financial Results 31.12.2016 Download!
Unaudited Financial Results 30.09.2016 Download!
Unaudited Financial Results 30.06.2016 Download!
Unaudited Financial Results 31.12.2015 Download!
Unaudited Financial Results 30.09.2015 Download!
Unaudited Financial Results 30.06.2015 Download!
Audited Financial Results 31.03.2016 Download!
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Shareholding Pattern for the following quarters:-

Shareholding pattern 30.06.2023   Download!
Shareholding pattern 31.03.2023   Download!
Shareholding pattern 31.12.2022   Download!
Shareholding pattern 30.09.2022   Download!
Shareholding pattern 30.06.2022   Download!
Shareholding pattern 31.03.2022   Download!
Shareholding pattern 31.12.2021   Download!
Shareholding pattern 31.09.2021   Download!
Shareholding Pattern 30.06.2021   Download!
Shareholding Pattern 31.03.2021   Download!
Shareholding Pattern 31.12.2020   Download!
Shareholding Pattern 30.09.2020   Download!
Shareholding Pattern 30.06.2020   Download!
Shareholding Pattern 30.03.2020   Download!
Shareholding Pattern 30.12.2019   Download!
Shareholding pattern 31.09.2019  Download!
Shareholding pattern 31.06.2019  Download!
Shareholding pattern 31.03.2019  Download!
Shareholding pattern 30.12.2018  Download!
Shareholding pattern 30.09.2018  Download!
Shareholding pattern 30.06.2018  Download!
Shareholding pattern 31.03.2018  Download!
Shareholding pattern 31.12.2017  Download!
Shareholding pattern 30.09.2017  Download!
Shareholding pattern 30.06.2017  Download!
Shareholding pattern 31.03.2017  Download!
Shareholding pattern 31.12.2016   Download!
Shareholding pattern 30.09.2016   Download!
Shareholding Pattern 30.06.2016   Download!
Shareholding Pattern 31.03.2016   Download!
Shareholding Pattern 31.12.2015   Download!
Shareholding Pattern 30.09.2015   Download!
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Compliance Report on Corporate Governance for the following quarters:-

' Compliance Report 30.06.2023 Download!
' Compliance Report 31.03.2023 Download!
' Compliance Report 31.12.2022 Download!
' Compliance Report 30.09.2022 Download!
' Compliance Report 30.06.2022 Download!
' Compliance Report 30.03.2022 Download!
' Compliance Report 30.12.2021 Download!
' Compliance Report 30.09.2021 Download!
' Compliance Report 30.06.2021 Download!
' Compliance Report 31.03.2021 Download!
' Compliance Report 31.12.2020 Download!
' Compliance Report 30.09.2020 Download!
' Compliance Report 30.06.2020 Download!
' Compliance Report 31.03.2020 Download!
' Compliance Report 30.12.2019 Download!
' Compliance Report 30.09.2019 Download!
' Compliance Report 30.06.2019 Download!
' Compliance Report 31.03.2019 Download!
' Compliance Report 31.12.2018 Download!
' Compliance Report 30.09.2018 Download!
' Compliance Report 30.06.2018 Download!
' Compliance Report 31.03.2018 Download!
' Compliance Report 31.12.2017 Download!
' Compliance Report 30.09.2017 Download!
' Compliance Report 30.06.2017 Download!
' Compliance Report 31.03.2017 Download!
' Compliance Report 31.12.2016 Download!
' Compliance Report 30.09.2016 Download!
' Compliance Report 30.06.2016 Download!
' Compliance Report 31.03.2016 Download!
' Compliance Report 31.12.2015 Download!
' Compliance Report 30.09.2015 Download
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Reconciliation Report of Share Capital Audit Certificate for the following quarters:-

Reconciliation report 30.06.2023 Download!
Reconciliation report 31.03.2023 Download!
Reconciliation report 31.12.2022 Download!
Reconciliation Report : 30.09.2022 Download!
Reconciliation Report : 30.06.2022 Download!
Reconciliation Report : 31.03.2022 Download!
Reconciliation Report : 31.12.2021 Download!
Reconciliation Report : 31.09.2021 Download!
Reconciliation Report : 31.06.2021 Download!
Reconciliation Report : 31.03.2021 Download!
Reconciliation Report : 31.12.2020 Download!
Reconciliation Report : 30.09.2020 Download!
Reconciliation Report : 30.06.2020 Download!
Reconciliation Report : 31.03.2020 Download!
Reconciliation Report : 31.12.2019 Download!
Reconciliation Report : 3.09.2019 Download!
Reconciliation Report : 3.06.2019 Download!
Reconciliation Report : 31.03.2019 Download!
Reconciliation Report : 31.12.2018 Download!
Reconciliation Report : 30.09.2018 Download!
Reconciliation Report : 30.06.2018Download!
Reconciliation Report : 31.03.2018 Download!
Reconciliation Report : 31.12.2017 Download!
Reconciliation Report : 30.09.2017 Download!
Reconciliation Report : 30.06.2017 Download!
Reconciliation Report : 31.03.2017 Download!
Reconciliation Report : 31.12.2016 Download!
Reconciliation Report : 30.09.2016 Download!
Reconciliation Report : 30.06.2016 Download!
Reconciliation Report : 31.03.2016 Download!
Reconciliation Report : 31.12.2015 Download!
Reconciliation Report : 30.09.2015 Download!
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Annual Secretarial Compliance Report

    March, 2023 Download! 
    March, 2019 Download! 
    March, 2020 Download! 
    March, 2021 Download! 
    March, 2022 Download! 

Annual Return:

    Annual Return 2022 Download! 
    Annual Return 2021 Download! 
    Annual Return 2020 Download! 
    Annual Return 2019 Download! 
    Annual Return 2018 Download!

Annual Reports :

    Annual Report 2022-2023 Download! 
    Annual Report 2021-2022 Download! 
    Annual Report 2020-2021 Download! 
    Annual Report 2019-2020 Download! 
    Annual Report 2018-2019 Download!
    Annual Report 2017-2018 Download!
    Annual Report 2016-2017 Download!
    Annual Report 2015-2016 Download!
    Annual Report 2014-2015 Download!
    Annual Report 2013-2014 Download!
Annual Report 2012-2013 Download!
Annual Report 2011-2012 Download!
Annual Report 2010-2011 Download!
Annual Report 2009-2010 Download!


Notice of Board Meeting March 2023 Download!
Notice of Board Meeting December 2022 Download!
Notice of Board Meeting September 2022 Download!
Notice of Board Meeting June 2022 Download!
Notice of Board Meeting March 2022 Download!
Notice of Board Meeting December 2021 Download!
Notice of Board Meeting September 2021 Download!
Notice of Board Meeting June 2021 Download!
Notice of Board Meeting March 2021 Download!
Notice of Board Meeting December 2020 Download!
Notice of Board Meeting September 2020 Download!
Notice of Board Meeting June 2020 Download!
Notice of Board Meeting March 2020 Download!
Notice of Board Meeting September 2019 Download!
Notice of Board Meeting December 2019 Download!
Notice of Board Meeting September 2019 Download!
Notice of Board Meeting June 2019 Download!
Notice of Board Meeting March 2019 Download!
Notice of Board Meeting December 2018 Download!
Notice of Board Meeting September 2018 Download!
Notice of Board Meeting June 2018 Download!
Notice of Board Meeting March 2018 Download!
Notice of Board Meeting December 2017 Download!
Notice of Board Meeting September 2017 Download!
Notice of Board Meeting June 2017 Download!


     Notice of AGM 2023 Download! 
     Notice of AGM 2022 Download! 
     Notice of AGM 2021 Download!
     Notice of AGM 2020 Download!
     Notice of AGM 2019 Download!
     Notice of AGM 2018 Download!
     Notice of AGM 2017 Download!
     Notice of AGM 2016 Download!
     Notice of AGM 2015 Download!

Cinerad Communications Limited - Open Offer:  

     Corrigendum to Letter of OfferDownload! 
     Detailed Public Statement Download! 
     Draft Letter of Offer Download! 
     IDC Recommendations Download! 
     Letter of Offer Download! 
     Pre - Offer Advertisement Download! 
     Public Announcement Download! 


    Notice of Postal Ballot Download!    


     E-voting Result AGM 2022 Download! 
     E-voting Result AGM 2021 Download! 
     E-voting Result AGM 2020 Download! 
     E-voting Result AGM 2019 Download! 
     E-voting Result AGM 2018 Download!
     E-voting Result AGM 2017 Download!
     E-voting Result AGM 2016 Download!
     E-Voting Results 2015 Download!
     E-Voting Results 2014 Download!



     Form ISR-4 Download! 
     Form ISR-1 Download! 
     Form ISR-2 Download!
     Form ISR-3 Download!
     Form No. SH-13 Download!
     Form No. SH-14 Download!


    E-voting Result (Postal Ballot) 2016 Download! 
    Scrutinizer report & Result of Postal Ballot Download!

     MOA & AOA (Amended) Download!

Agreement with Media Companies
   The Company has not entered any agreement with Media companies.


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